Diana has published over forty books for children.

New Publications

Out of the Clouds (Hodder Children’s Books) out May 2016

The Seeing, Diana's novel, was shortlisted for a 2012 Costa Award and was shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2013.


‘The Seeing’

'This wise and unsettling tale will captivate discerning readers of any age'.

The Telegraph review by Martin Chilton,

Digital Culture Editor

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'...an intriguing, atmospheric and memorable tale.'

Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week'.

‘A short, subtle, unsettling thriller'.  

Geraldine Brennan, The Observer

'a gripping and evocative story ... the plot keeps you riveted and reminds you of the lasting pscyhological damange of the war'.

Children's Booksellers' Choice


Whoever You Are, a sequel to Out of the Clouds, Due 2018

You Can’t Cuddle a Crocodile, Due 2018

(picture book)  Hodder & Stoughton


The following is a selection of Diana’s work:-

Picture Books

The Very Noisy Night,

illustrated by Jane Chapman. Little Tiger Press, 1998

The Very Busy Day,

illustrated by Jane Chapman Little Tiger Press, 200l

The Very Snowy Christmas,

illustrated by Jane Chapman. Little Tiger Press, 2005

Oodles of Noodles,

illustrated by Sarah Massini.  Little Tiger Press, 2008

Junior Fiction

Harvey Angell,

Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1991; Red Fox, 2003 and 2012

“An original mixture of mystery, thriller, ghost story, and fantasy.”

The Daily Telegraph

Harvey Angell and the Ghost Child,

MacRae/Red Fox 1997,  2003 and 2012

“Delicious prose - a riviting story.”

The Mail on Sunday

Harvey Angell Beats Time,

Red Fox, 2003 and 2012

“Witty, entertaining story telling...”

The Scotsman

You Can’t Kiss it Better,

Red Fox, 2003

“Hendry’s ability to get inside the feelings of these children (as well as those of the foster mother) make this a compelling read.”

The Financial Times

The Seeing,  Bodley Head, 2012


Also published in 2012

A reissue of the three Harvey Angell books.  

Harvey Angell ( which won a Whitbread Award), Harvey Angell and the Ghost child, and Harvey Angell Beats Time (which won a Scottish Arts Council Book Award).

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Awards for Children’s Books

Whitbread Award, 1991 for Harvey Angell

Scottish Arts Council Award 2002 for Harvey Angell Beats Time.

The Seeing, was shortlisted for the 2012 Costa Children’s book Award,

and has been shortlisted for a 2013 Scottish Children’s Book Award.

Theatre Adaptations

The Very Noisy Night and The Very Snowy Christmas have both

been turned into children’s musical theatre by Blunderbus Theatre Company

Out of the Clouds, The story of a family living in a house high above the sea

and of the search, by Oliver, to find his father.

Coming in May 2016


A poetry pamphlet entitled 'Second Wind', on the theme of ageing is now available.


‘The Seeing’ is on The Sunday Times list of a 100 Children’s Modern Classics


The Seed-box Lantern: New & Selected Poems, now available from Mariscat Press